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What I do


String instruments, being made from wood, are fragile. Each instrument needs to be individually assessed to discover the extent of any damage and possibility of repair within the value of the instrument. Consequently they also need regular maintenance in addition to repairs.


A detailed written statement is provided for this work with a quotation for time and costs involved.



When an instrument has lacked maintenance over a prolonged period, or suffered from previous bad repairs, in order to preserve the instrument and ensure structural and tonal reliability, the best option can be a full restoration. 

Please arrange a visit so your instrument can be assessed  and a cost estimate prepared.

Adjustment & maintenance

Having taught a violin class for a number of years I am aware of the importance to players, teachers and pupils that the instrument not only sounds its best but also is comfortable to play and easy to tune.


This involves, amongst other things, a well fitted and adjusted soundpost, correctly shaped fingerboard, well fitting pegs, correctly positioned and cut bridge and fitting a good quality set of strings.


Small adjustments can make a huge difference to the tone and ease of playing of your instrument.

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